Industry 4.0 - Worksite monitoring

Connected Worker device is a product built with a variety of sensors (location, motion, temperature, certain physical gestures) designed for industrial settings. Thanks to it workers would be more aware of their safety and therefore cause less accidents or mistakes. The device would also transmit crucial process information to management staff.


    • Internet of Things became the fastest growing technology bringing data from machines and objects to the cloud. 
    • The impact of IoT though, goes beyond just connecting sensors and devices.
    • It’s also about making a difference in the way a business is run.

Why Connected Workers?

The Connected Worker system help you to increase productivity and safety plus react faster if any accident happens. Your get real-time data about anything happening at your site, which enables you to make smart decisions and optimize performance.

In every business the most valuable ‘assets’ are employees.

It’s the people that generate revenue for the business. Keeping people safe and efficiently managing them is the most important task for any business.

Fortunately IoT can help us. Using our devices and cloud platform businesses owners can now connect their workers and track all vital data to keep them safe and productive.


Connecting your workers gives you huge advantage with being able to:

Comply with regulations
Ensure employees safety
Track and manage productivity

Solution features

  • Increased worker safety
  • Reduce accident rate
  • Faster emergency reaction times
  • Enables preventive measures
  • Analyzes information from multiple sensors
  • Non-verbal gesture communication
  • Alarms
  • Improved regulatory adherence
  • Collects, stores data for compliance checks

Boost Manufacturing

The Connected Worker device promises to boost manufacturing productivity, as well as improving operational efficiency, and enhancing safety and risk management.

E2E platform

Each device is a part of bigger platform including sophisticated sensors, networks, data sciences, and analytics, resulting in quantum improvements in productivity, decision making, and safety.

Wearable devices

Wearable Technology is the new revolution in Workers' compensation and injury prevention on-the-job.

Real-time service

Meanwhile, those capabilities give managers real-time holistic insights into how work is conducted, as well as business-wide savings through efficiency gains.

Technical data

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